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Benefits of transferring your pension to Ireland

Benefits of transferring your UK pension to Ireland


Many who work in the UK for a number of years plan to retire at home in Ireland. Transferring your pension back to Ireland will give you the opportunity to work with a local financial advisor who is familiar with the Irish market.


A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) can accept pension transfers from the UK without potentially triggering a tax charge.


Leaving your pension in the UK could potentially make it more difficult for your estate in the event of your death. A transfer to Ireland could alleviate some of this stress.

Standard Fund Threshold

Any pension transferred to a QROPS in Ireland will not count toward the €2 million Standard Fund Threshold. Your Standard Fund Threshold is the maximum pension you can save in Ireland while avoiding additional tax implications.

Eliminate Currency Risk

Transferring your pension to Ireland and having it in a fund denominated in Euro will eliminate potential currency issues.


Brexit and the uncertainty which surrounds it could potentially cause you a headache in the future.

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Things to consider before transferring

Transferring a UK pension to Ireland may not be the most suitable option for everyone. Each of us has a different set of circumstances that should be considered.

It is also worth noting that not every scheme in the UK will permit the option of a transfer. Hence you should speak with a Qualified Financial Advisor before deciding.

Therefore, keep some of the following in mind while considering a transfer:-

Tax & charges on transfer

The scheme should be registered with HMRC as a QROPS. If not you could be liable to charges of up to 55% on the transfer amount.

Pension age

The minimum age you can access a QROPS is 55. Although you can apply to access your benefits early if in ill health.

Tax residency

If you have been a resident in the UK anytime within the last 5/10 UK tax years, you could potentially be liable to UK tax on your QROPS at retirement.

Accessing your pension

There are certain restrictions with regard to accessing your pension. Benefits can be paid if you:

Are age 55 or over and,
Have not been a UK tax resident for at least 10 UK tax years

Overseas transfer charge

There is a 25% overseas transfer charge on a QROPS unless the transfer is:

To your employers occupational pension scheme, or
To your country of residence, or
Within the European Economic Area

Pension limits

There are limits in both the UK and Ireland as to how much you can save into a pension. Anything outside these limits may be liable to tax. This is referred to as the Lifetime Allowance in the UK. In Ireland, it is referred to as the Standard Fund Threshold.

It is worth assessing the value of your pension with the Lifetime Allowance in mind.

Options at retirement

It may be worth asking your UK pension provider what options are available to you with regards to accessing your benefits.

It is also worth noting that your options at retirement may change in the event of transferring your pension to Ireland. It is important you discuss all available options with a Qualified Financial Advisor to assess what is best for your situation

Can I transfer my UK state pension to Ireland?

Yes, although there are certain caveats. In order to be eligible to transfer your UK pension to Ireland, you will need to transfer it to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). If you transfer to a scheme which is not QROPS approved it will mean being liable for a UK tax liability of up to 55%.

How to transfer my UK pension to Ireland?

Your UK pension will currently be with a UK provider. In order to potentially transfer to Ireland, you must transfer your benefits to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).

How long does the process take?

The process of transferring your UK pension to Ireland can take between 12-16 weeks. However, there is no exact answer and the timeframe may vary depending on the case and schemes involved.

What are the fees associated with a transfer?

The cost associated with transferring your pension from the UK to Ireland will depend on the type of scheme. Whether you are in a Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution scheme will impact the fees and charges associated with the transfer.

Irish living in the UK

There are approximately 320,000 Irish citizens living in the UK (

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