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An advisor will review your current pension arrangement.


If beneficial and the correct choice for your situation, you will be enabled to transfer to a Personal Retirement Bond (PRB).


If eligible, you may be able to access your pension and withdraw 25% tax-free.

I had a pension from an old job where myself and my ex-employer had contributed for quite some time. After hitting age 50, I heard somewhere that I may be able access some of the funds. I have to say that Ian and the team were really helpful. They explained all the different options available and made the process stress-free.

Martin C – Galway

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We help clients across Ireland assess their pension options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who Can Access Cash From Their Pension?

In certain circumstances, you may be able to withdraw cash from your pension. If you were part of an occupational pension scheme and have since left or changed employment you may be eligible. However, this will depend on the scheme rules. If you are in this position it may be worth contacting a financial adviser for assistance.

Can I Cash in my Pension Early?

Yes. However, it will depend on where your pension is and the rules associated with that scheme. If you were part of an Occupational Pension Scheme from previous employment you could potentially access tax-free cash from age 50. In some cases, you may be able to access 25% of your fund tax-free up to a lifetime limit of €200,000.

From What Age Can I Cash in my Pension?

Usually, it is age 60. In some cases, you can access it early from age 50 in an occupational pension scheme. In a PRSA, you will have to wait until age 60 unless you are an employee leaving service. In a case where there is ill-health or long-term disability, an exemption may be permitted for early access.

How Long Does it Take to Cash in my Pension?

Something as important as your pension takes time. After discussing potential options with your advisor, allow for 8-12 weeks for the documentation to be processed.

What is The Cost of Cashing in my Pension?

There are no up-front fees. Firstly, discuss all potential options with your advisor. Should you choose to proceed then any fees and charges will be outlined in a transparent manner.

What Information is Needed to Unlock My Pension Benefits?

Initially, the process is simple. You will be under no obligation to proceed but knowing your options can never be a bad thing.

A casual chat with a Qualified Financial Advisor will give clarity regarding your situation and potential options.

Your advisor will request you complete a form with some basic information. From here they can begin to see exactly what options may be available to you.

What information is needed from you:-

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address
  • PPS Number
  • Details of Employment (years worked/company name and address)
  • Any relevant correspondence in relation to the scheme

Of course, the information you provide, the greater the chance of tracing your pension.

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Client Case Study - January (2021)

Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

Name | Colin

Age | 55

Colin worked for an Irish telecommunications company and was part of their Defined Benefit pension scheme for 24 years. He left employment 6 years ago and was looking to assess his options.

Following a consultation with an advisor, Colin decided to transfer his pension benefits into a policy in his own name. This enabled Colin to access 25% of his benefits free of tax.

He also wanted to ensure that should anything happen to him, his pension was inheritable to his spouse. Both Colin and his advisor weighed up his specific situation along with the scheme rules associated with his benefits and decided this was the best course of action.

Inheritability and the rules regarding a scheme should be looked at on an individual basis.

Client Case Study - March (2021)

Defined Contribution Pension Scheme

Name | Lorcan

Age | 50

Lorcan worked for an employer in Dublin for 17 years before the employer relocated to India. Lorcan knew himself and the employer contributed to a Defined Contribution pension scheme during his employment.

However, Lorcan was under the impression he could not access his benefits until age 65 although this was incorrect.  After speaking with our team, he was able to access 25% of his benefits tax-free and invest the remaining 75% through the AMRF/ARF option.

If your situation is similar to either of the above and you would like to assess your options, feel free to contact our team.


Although it may be tempting to draw down your benefits early, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You should enlist the help of a qualified professional and assess the pros and cons of any potential decision.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to pensions and each person has a different set of circumstances. Take time to meet with your advisor and take a holistic look at your financial situation. Your pension will only be one piece of the puzzle.

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2,000+ Clients

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If eligible, our team can help you cash in your pension early. .

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