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Current ARF Holders
Those approaching retirement
Those at retirement
Anyone considering a transfer value
Ensure you get bespoke and unbiased financial advice

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It can be difficult knowing exactly what to do. This is why we take a non-jargon approach and always offer a complimentary consultation for you to chat with one of our retirement experts.

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Assessing all potential options is important. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to retirement planning.

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Once you have decided what you would like to do, you can enjoy life knowing you have made well informed decisions.
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ARF or Annuity?

After taking your lump sum you may have different options available. Choosing between an ARF or Annuity should be done so after consulting with an expert.

Existing arf holder

Existing ARF Holder

Are you an existing ARF holder and unsure of your options? We would be happy to chat provide some clarity.

Approaching Retirement

Approaching Retirement

As you approach retirement you may have a lot going on. Get a plan in place early to ensure you can enjoy your retirement.

Recently Retired

Recently Retired

Retirement should be the most enjoyable time of our life. We help clients who are recently retired and are looking to plan for the future.

Investment options

Investment Options

Everyone will have a different set of needs and appetite for risk when it comes to investing. This is why getting to know our clients is so important.

wealth management

Wealth Management

We help everyone from individual clients to businesses manage their wealth. We take a non-jargon approach and ensure clients understand any decision they make.

If you are looking for more information on any of the above we would be happy to help!

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2,000+ Clients

I was approaching retirement and looking at my options. I contacted the team at Pension Support Line after reading one of their blogs. I now feel much more comfortable with my decisions and I would have no hesitation recommending them for anyone looking for retirement advice

Pat RuddyClient | Dublin

I was referred to Pension Support Line by a friend they had helped recently. From the initial consultation I was at ease as I knew I was dealing with a professional. Really good communication throughout the entire process

Jack DohertyClient | Cavan

I had been offered a transfer value from a pension scheme in work. I’d done some research online but was finding it slightly overwhelming. The team at Pension Support Line broke my options down in simple English which was exactly what I needed. Highly recommend!

John SugrueClient | Cork

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